Herbal Compress


Herbal compresses are frequently used in Thailand in conjunction with traditional thai massage. Herbal compresses come in two types hot and cold. Cold compresses are driven for more first aid treatments and hot compresses are frequently used to treat chronic disease.wp-1488583930258.jpg

Some of my compress work will be in the form of dumplings steamed for you. other compress work will be cloth dipped into herbal infusion/ decoction and applied to affected areas.

According to traditional Thai medical theory, cold temperatures inhibit energy flow to the injured area, preventing energy pooling and stagnation. Cold temperatures also constrict blood vessels and cause decreased circulation, thus lessening swelling, pain, and bleeding. However, I can also work with the method of switching from hot to cold compress for movement.


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During the massage, the steamed herbs in the poultice release alkaloids that are beneficial and help in healing. This massage is ideal if you have muscle aches and sprains or if you are simply looking for relief from stress and to relax. There are also specific Thai Herbal massage techniques aimed at skin maintenance, soothing migraines, stress, anxiety, back pain and arthritis.

A combination of Thai Herbal and Tok-Sen Massage is often suggested for people with chronic pain or pain in muscles deep within the body. The herbal massage warms up, loosens muscles and prepares your body, so that the Tok-Sen massage can be more effective.