Corporate Wellness


Why Corporate Yoga and Bodywork?

If an unhealthy workplace is contributing to an unhealthy workforce, we bring each other down. Conversely, a health-conscious work environment could bring us a notch closer to optimal.

When you care about the bottom line with your business and you care about your employees, it is important to find ways to keep every body healthy and happy. Bringing yoga and vedic thai massage to your workplace uniquely positions you to support both your employees’ well-being and your deadlines. Start a Corporate Wellness program with me and get 15% off when you receive full body treatments or private tailored Yoga

Reduces Absenteeism & Illness

  • Helps employees manage stress and/or depression & anxiety
  • Improves overall health and physical well-being
  • Increases physical energy and vitality
  • Reduces pain from repetitive injuries and chronic conditions
  • Prevention

Increases Productivity & Morale

  • Helps employees manage stress
  • Enhances clarity, focus and creative thinking
  • Improves communication skills

Decreases Workplace Injuries

  • Improves posture and flexibility
  • Manage and improve chronic health conditions that lead to injuries
  • Improves employee balance, concentration and strength to set up a date to chat on the phone or a cup of coffee. I have great references from past and present folk who have hired me for on site work at their business here in the Triangle area of Nc. – blessings Lotus Anwensupported bow