HAPPY 2020!

Good morning. I am definitely playing catch up with my license renewal for bodywork due to surgery late August, but I am finishing up my last tests today.
I have completed above and beyond hours with more Thai Body Mastery, Thai Abdominal / Chi Nei Tsang, and Thai Foot Massage!!

Closeup of yellow lotus flower beautiful lotus.
Closeup of yellow lotus flower beautiful lotus.

I will finish Winter with more herbal compress study to start a new yet old tradition of herbology within Vedic Thai, as well as study more biofield tuning.
Hopefully by Mid January I will have good news for you all with being accepted with Part time studies in my Ayurvedic program with extra Herbology for the Herbalist Guild!!

I start 2020 getting one step closer to my goal with one day soon having a big enough of a house for my two growing children. As well as this house having a room dedicated and filled with shelves of herbs, tinctures, salves, dried herbs hanging from walls, and herbs out on the floor being ground. This room will have a quiet zen meditative area for Ayurvedic and herbal consults and coaching, and another area for workshops in Meditation / Yoga / Vedic Thai, and Vedic Thai Bodywork! There will be community sitting on the porch sipping on herbal brews with friendly loving animals to hang with….while you look out at a beautiful rich herbal and floral wild garden…..medicinewheel.jpg

blessed be

I hope all of you are enriching your first steps in 2020 and bringing more positive thought, vibes, goodness onto the planet. We all need to support each other and support our first Mother.

Lotus Anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush

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