The Union of Yoga and Thai Yoga Bodywork

One of the key concepts of the Yoga Tradition and the concepts of Ayurvedic and constitutional types is the need to adjust the Teaching and Giving based on the Individual.. This is why Yoga, Physical yoga, should never be taught without Ayurvedic wisdom in mind.  We all have a unique nature with our internal environment individually changing constantly. Tailoring to the individual is vital! This idea of tailoring and growing.. healing the individual tends to get lost in it all.

In the idea of Ayurvedic medicine, Asana is ideal for musculoskeletal disorders, this is why Thai Yoga Bodywork is so amazing!! Now if this is united with the understanding of the elements in the body (vata, pita, kapha).. then wow.. This brings a totally different transformation in the body yes. Especially when you add Pranayama, breath science to the practice as well. Oh! and let us not forget herbology! I have an awesome decoction in my kitchen right now of Ginger and juniper water..

Now I have been studying all these ideas for quite some time. All those that know me, I am constantly trying to challenge my envelope for growth and aiding others healing… So let’s continue having fun when you come in with bringing together these ideas: Breath Science, Asana for musculoskeletal help, topical herbal support,  drawing upon the elements for your symptoms, and meditating with all the beauty and wisdom that come out of each practice.

As always, I promise to continue to advance in my yoga, Thai yoga bodywork, and herbal studies for your health! Namaste

Thank you

Lotus Anwen

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