Ayurveda and Thai Yoga bodywork

Thai Yoga taps into the unseen world via what can be seen and unseen…..

Taping into our breath (pranayama ) and our subtle body and it’s system of nadis  (energy river beds and chakras) is like a great tree that needs to be lit up by the inner fire of kundalini which emanates from the soul.

The Yogi becomes divine fire, which opens the third eye, and rebirth into a force that can positively enrich the world. True Dharma…

When I touch your body with right intention in Nuad Boran ( Thai Yoga) , I’m concerned with the movement of the Vayus.

Vayus….vital life force of wind. Breath. LIfe….

This Summer I’m going to encourage all of you to connect more deeply through your Pranayama ( breath science). The main purpose of pranayma is to develop pranagni, the fire of prana for purification of  PranaNadis…And Subtle Body…

The sense of touch taps into Prana as well, so when I start your Thai Yoga and apply my hands and feet to your physical body followed by asking you to center into breath, we have begun our journey into the purification of….pranagni 

bristle cone pine. One of the oldest beings on the planet.

  1. Deep breathing combined with retention increases Pranagni .
  2. Pranagni increases body heat which leads to sweating which purifies the Nadis ( river beds). All the while I’m connecting to them through my hands on contact in Nuad Boran ( #thaimassage ). 
  3. Adding a mantra to repeat  in your head with your intention on the breath will develop Pranamaya Kosha (1 of the subtle sheaths that governs the Body and it’s development)

  • PRANA is the primary energy that governs over all. It can purify the subtle body. When the subtle body is imbalanced, it creates physical manifestation in our body….i.e. pathology,  dis-ease…when imbalanced….Purifying the subtle body allows inner experiences of Yoga (yoking life) to come forth. Higher aspects of Yoking Life needs Pranagni to become Empress to achieve Truth, Consciousness,  Bliss. 

This. Conversation with you in itself is tapping Into Raja Yoga, the royal path of Yoga. The practice of Raja Yoga and the 8 limbs of Ashtanga is designed to develop all 7 Agnis and 5 koshas ( Annamaya kosha – Jatharagni ( digestive fire),Pranamaya kosha- Pranagni ( Agni of Prana, vital life force),  Manomaya kosha- Manasika agni (fire of perception ), vijnanamaya kosha- (fire of discrimination ), Anandamaya kosha-Agni of bliss (fire of love), Chidagni -fire of consciousness ( light and illumination), Brahman- The fire of Being ( Brahman and Chidagni are two aspects of the same reality. Brahmagni is the fire of existence,  beyond duality. 

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