Essential oils for Balancing the Doshas

Oils for the biological humors 

Vata balancing oils…

Warming pleasent oils are best to balance fear, anxiety, insomnia.

Sandalwood   lotus flower. frankincense. cinnamon.  basil. plumeria

Pitta balancing oils for conditions of irritability,  anger, and mental conflict….

Sandalwood. Rose. Vetiver. Lemon grass. Lotus. Lavender. Lily. Saffron. Champak. Gardenia. Honeysuckle. Iris. 

Kapha oils are best hot and or spicy to balance conditions of attachment,  depression,  and mental stagnation. 

Camphor. Cinnamon. Henna. Cloves. Musk. Sage. Thyme. Cedar. Frankincense. Myrrh 

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