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As time passes by we are losing our sacred connection between plant and animal spirit Medicine.

Working with Sage invites the sacredness to return. It allows you to connect, link, to Nature’s Law, divinity , and sacredness.

Following up with Palo Santo invites divine spirit in….

I welcome Eagle medicine of the East

I welcome Coyote medicine of the South

I welcome Bear medicine of the West 

I welcome Buffalo  medicine of the North

I Welcome Father Sky above 

I welcome Mother Earth below

I welcome the energy within and without. All things are one.

Sage, copal, lavender,  cedar, sweetgrass, frankincense, myrrh, are used for their clearing abilities. 

The peace pipe can also be used for sending prayers,  Blessings,  setting intentions whether on your own or with community.

passion flower, peppermint,  red clover, holy basil, white sage, damiana,  marshmallow,  coltsfoot, mullein, red willow bark, osha root, and uva ursi

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